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Ricardo Cid

Ricardo Cid8 hours in Heaven by Ricardo Cid 
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God said, " I sent this message to my people on earth, because surely I was in Heaven . "

Revelation 4:1   After this I looked, indeed, a door opened in heaven and the first voice which was heard, said to me as the sound of the trumpet, and said, Come up hither, and I will show you what must happen after this.

Revelation 5:11   Then I looked and heard the voice of many angels around the throne and the living creatures and the elders the number of them was myriads of myriads and thousands of thousands, saying with a loud voice: "The slaughtered Lamb is worthy to receive power , and riches, and wisdom, and strength, and honor, and glory, and praise. "

Church of God, listen to what happened in my life. In my dreams, God started His work to me. I remember in my dream, I walked out of my house. I walked into the street in the neighborhood of my house and I feel that there is someone pulled me through my hands into the air and then I ran above the clouds and glorified God. A very bright light envelop me and a voice said in the light, " Ricardo, Ricardo, come out of your job right now because I'm going to do something in your life and church on this earth . "Once I heard voices, I fell fell in great and woke up in my dream. I woke up and started crying to God and said, " What is this God? "

Voice came to me very clearly. Voice came to me for a few days. Then I lay back asleep and I have the same dream again. God repeats the same message to me. After the dream in over a few times, I wake up from a dream and shouted at once for God's voice began to gain momentum in the state every dream. My parents accustomed to ask, " What on earth ? "I usually explain them about my dreams and my mother prayed for me and said," If God is speaking to you, He will give thee understanding . "Me and my mother pray All the night it is time for me to work in the morning tomorrow. My mother told me to get ready and go to work. We ask God a sign of what God is speaking to me. I shower, get ready, and go to work. I used to work at "Chile Laboratories" (Chile is the name of the country).

I love my job. I usually go to the bus station to go to work. When I got out of the bus, someone suddenly said to me, " What you're doing here? You should not be in this place again. "In another occasion, other people say the same thing. Even more surprising yet, the people who said it was the non-Christian. This is a sign that God has given to me. After the sign, I decided to go to my boss and asked to stop working. I said to my boss, " I need to leave the firm because God has ordered me to stop working . "When God tells us, we must obey. Boss I am very worried about me and said, " Out of this you want Illustrator? "Where else can you find a job as good as this ? "And I said to him that I should obey God. Then, my company held a farewell party for me and 2,000 people participated. After that, I gathered my things and returned home. When I come home, I was crying and my mom was waiting for me in the front yard of the house. I said to my mother that I quit my job because the Lord has confirmed my dreams through the people who have said to me before. My mother said, " If God speaks to you, let him do anything in your life as He desires . "

Santiago, ChileMe and my mother went into the house and have discussions late into the night. I said to my mother that I should sleep because God would speak to me through dreams. I was thinking that God would speak to me in a dream, turned out to be as I thought. God has another way to say something to me that night. When I entered the room and take off my clothes, I began to vibrate room space. I started shouting, " This earthquake menguncang Santiago, Chile "I tried to leave my bedroom, but someone who does not hinder my toughness to get out of my bedroom door. I can see my mother and my family and I shouted across the hall for help but no one could hear me. Now I know, someone who is not toughness were angels of God. I backward and lay on my bed and wept before the Lord, asking him to explain what was going on.

Then a voice said to me. The Holy Spirit began to speak to me with such a beautiful voice. The Holy Spirit said, " Ricardo, you have to leave your job right now, I want you to go to church and pray 7 hours per day. Should you pray that prayer is for your life and for the church on this earth . "After completion of the Holy Spirit to speak, the room I stopped berguncang bedroom. I then lay a hand on me through the door and realized that I was able to leave my bedroom.Then I ran to my mother and exclaimed, " I have heard the voice of the Holy Spirit "and then get out of my house and started shouting outside the house. Some people do not believe that God still speaks to us at the moment but I have to say that at this time God still speaks to us. If God can speak to Abraham, He can speak to us. I go to church and talk to the pastors there, and we agreed to open the church at 8 am every day, so I can pray and obey God's commands. Every morning, I go to church and pray one hour, two hours, and at the third hour, I do not have anything that I can pray and I asked the Lord, " Lord, what else can I pray? I still have residual 4 hours! "

Then, I heard a thundering sound in the basement, from the back door of the church. I then felt the church shake left and right as befits a drunk. In this wobble, I clearly heard the voice of God but His voice is not the same as in the previous dream. I heard a voice in a dream before suggestive authority, but this time, sadly pitched voice. He said, " Ricardo, Ricardo pray for the church! My church is no longer the same in comparison yet!! Church on this earth has changed.Church has lost faith. Church no longer believe in me or keberadaanKu! Inform the church that I have!! Pray intercede to church, because church does not pray or fast anymore! " shaking his stop after he said that. I then started syaafat prayer and walk up and down the church for the rest 4 hours. In my prayer, I beg for God's people to rise up. During the day in the second week thursday for syaafat my prayer time, I woke up with incredible pain in bones and joints, and I can not wake up. My mother got up to go to church to pray, but I mutter that I have pain in my body and bones. My mother suggested that I could pray at home. However, I am reminded of my mother in detail that God told me to go to church to pray. So, my mom helped me put on my clothes and took me to church. The morning, lots of people who were praying in church and pray because I asked the pain in my body. I tell them that I'm very weak to pray. So, they anointed me and prayed for healing for my body. I receive strength from God's divine! Hallelujah! I started praying while walking ask for mercy for the Chile and for families, and for people affected by drug and to the church of God.

By the time I finished praying intercession, I went to vespers. After a prayer of thanks to pastors, I lift my hands and felt someone pass by and touch my back. When this happened, I lost all my energy and fall to the floor. Pastor asked me what happened and I say do not know, I do not have the energy and difficult to speak. Then the whole congregation around me and started praying in tongues and shouting. Then some of the church could see an angel of the Lord came and angel of the Lord had asked me to leave my body. My Pastor says, " You will not leave your body! "Having said this, the angel of the Lord stopped and no longer give signals to me to leave my body. You see, anyone who has the authority / right in Jesus will be cherished by God's angels.

Then the clergyman asked me, " How long angel of the Lord will bring you? "Then I asked the angel," What are you going to take me for one hour? 2 hours? 3 hours? "Angel of the Lord said," No, you will go for 8 hours to meet with Jesus in heaven third floor. Jesus wants to talk to you . "Then the angel said," I am no angel who will guide you into heaven because I am your guardian angel who has protected you every day as long as you live on this earth. Two angels will come from heaven to lead you to heaven third floor at midnight today . "I told this to my pastors and ministers I decided to bring me to His House on the second floor. When I was lying in the room, I could hear the dogs barking and people screaming. Having this experience, I was told that there were two people wearing very bright white robe, suddenly appeared in the middle of the road and walked into the house and up to second floor where I was. God's angels mailaikat very beautiful. They have white hair shining, whiter than snow, and eyes like jewels. Their skin smooth like baby skin but they have a certain body like a bodybuilder. The angels are very powerful!! I then said to the clergyman that these angels been sent to take me to heaven. One of them is starting to give the signal for me to leave my body. At the time this happens, my bones began to ache again. Then, one of the church close to my body I started memijati and told me that my body is getting cold as ice. Then, they went to take a small space heater and practice, to warm my body. After the angels calling me to leave my body, I began to feel pain and move from one side to the other side. I began to feel my death and my body control the churches shouted " 

Do not my grave, I will be back! "

I left my body and I spring from my bed, I see churches hold my body and said, " He has gone, he has left his body . "But I have next to them and tell them," I'm here! "But also , they could not see my body because my body is the body that will never fade Spirit. Churches are started covering my body with a blanket.

One of them said to me, " It's time to go, because God is waiting for you! "Each angel took me by my hand and menangkat to the sky and I pass road with the speed of light is finite. I say to you, even if you do not believe this, Lord Jesus, I worship and live there forever!!

At the end of my testimony will later, when God asked me to return to my body, I said to Him, " Who is to be believed by me. I beg that I can live in heaven with you.!! No one will believe my testimony, no one will believe it because they have no faith! In the face of the earth, the very great lack of faith, who will believe this testimony ? "the Lord answered me," Someone will believe kesaksianmu, just earnest kesaksianmu mine will believe . "

Now I continue my testimony. When I leave my body that night, I flew with a very high speed to meet God. I could look down and see the planet earth. Then I passed the moon, where the moon's light upon the earth at night. Then, I could see the giant sun with my eyes. I can see high billowing as the efforts of fire from the earth and gives warmth to the planet earth. Then we are flying and I see a lot of all the stars for me past them. God let me see the sun, the moon and the stars with one purpose: to preach to us all that our God is the creator of the universe!!! Our God is unrivaled.

We're still flying high speed until we reached a place where there are no more stars. No more of God's creation, just darkness. I could look down and see a lot of the stars below me. I start to feel afraid and asked the angels, " Where are you taking me? Please return me to my body in the earth! "They then hold me closely and crossed one of their legs to my feet. Then I started membungkukan body like terkelungkup position because I was afraid of. The angels said, " Keep quiet! We're taking you to the third floor of heaven where Jesus is waiting for you . "Angels were then stopped and at this point I see in all directions, but I can not see any sort of created God. I do not know where I was but I think that I was in heaven the second floor.

When I was in the position terkelungkup and the angels hold me, all of a sudden I heard a very noisy on my storm. The angels hold me tight and said, " Ricardo, do not be afraid, Jesus is with us! "As they said this, they said," Look up! " Then I was taken aback because I see some sort of movement by the creation beings above us. One of the angels said, " Look, we'll meperlihatkan to what is above us . "One of the angel move the hand from one side to the other side and the light illuminates the sky above us to see what is above us. When light illuminates the sky, the sky was full of demons. LORD JESUS ​​REBUKE THEY ALL IN JESUS ​​'NAME! Bible / Word of God is the Truth! All that is happening on this planet is being written in the book of Revelation. Lord Jesus is coming back! How can I convince to you, the time is VERY SHORT! I said to the angel, " This place what? "One of them said," This is one of the virtual world full of darkness where Satan and his demons stopover . "I started to say," That's alright because there are many evils on face of the earth! These demons come to earth from this virtual world and cause much destruction and evil in humanity. Planet earth is full of demons! "Many of their number and can not innumerable.

Power RangersThundercatsThen the angels begin to provide a signal to me to look closer and they show the faces of these creatures and the similar faces once the faces of horror on a television show. These creatures like MONSTER!! I saw Thundercats (Cat thunder) and Power Rangers and caricatures from animated films and horror flicks. The authors of this animated film and working with the devil to create these things for television and cinema! All the picture comes from the spirits that I see now. Why do you think that now the boys like rebelling? That's because the demons went into the children when they see those films. Angel explained to me that this all is the fact and truth. All the demons and the animation is live and the people made a pact with the devil to bring the demons on earth. These demons from my curse, church, Father in Heaven, and Jesus, and the earth because demons do not appreciate God and His creation.

Then I saw a very ugly creature that is not in the spirit named Hugo. Hugo is a popular caricature Chile. He's so creepy to be viewed. He came near me and said to me, " We will go to earth and kill your children! "Why do you think that children are killing other children? That is all that enters the influence of television their children to kill or commit a crime.Demons sow hatred on earth. May God save and cleanse the country Chile!! One of the angels said, " Keep looking! "And the demons said," We are destroying the church, but we can not, because if we kill one, then a thousand show up to replace that one. ! "Since the church was started, a demon trying to destroy the church earnestly taught the true gospel, but the devil can not because the Lord Jesus protects His church! Praise the Lord! Then the demons said, " We are adopting a new way, let us into the church because the church in many churches including our flock! We will use the church to spread gossip and division between church. We will destroy the church by spreading gossip and the Holy Spirit sad and left the church . "Devils go where have to destroy those who love God. As explained in this verse:

1 Peter 5:8   Sadarlah but beware! Opponent the devil, walks around like a roaring lion tearing and find people who can at telannya.

I can not bear to see it all again, but the angel told me to see events as they happen. I see the demons blur when there is a very bright light came. When this light is getting closer, the stars bring praise and worship to God. This light is not a star, but it is the millions of angels to ride white horses praising the Lord of the universe! They cried out " Holy, Holy, Holy to the one who lives forever. God is the Alpha and Omega, the earlier and the later and let that breathe all praise the Lord! "Then I saw a great battle and I can not see the demons again. Do not be afraid anymore because a greater number of angels who are with us from our enemies! "

The angels of heaven opened the way to the third floor. They are at breaking into two groups, one on the right side and one on the left side. This paves the way to the third floor of heaven! This road to reach into heaven, and I could see the city of heaven. I can see angels band to reflect the glory of God. These angels have the clean environment of the demons and the angels were not Stop it all the time praising God. Teserbut angels put me in front of other angels and said to me, " You must wait here! "

Then in the distance, and from the city, I saw a full-authority figure in a white robe with a white horse to ride. This figure is getting closer to me, the angels did not stop to praise and exalt God's name. This figure coming towards me about 4 meters away and very beautiful shape, far more beautiful than other angels. I expect him to say to me, but she was looking at me for a few seconds and said, " I was Michael's duty keeping you and the church on earth! "I have seen the angel Michael face to face and she is so beautiful! He turned around and showed me a way to get into town heaven. He said, " Come in! Lord Jesus is waiting for you ! "I walked into the city for heaven and I'm walking, the angels shout and praise God. I cried and cried for me to see the city.

Garden City was pure gold, and the gates of the city gates made ​​of pearls. Floor surface is made ​​of crystal. I have never seen this before in the earth, and no one is able to make like this. Arsiteknya is God Himself and God of the universe. I was outside the city and the gates wide open doors. When the gates are open wide, I can look into and the walls were made ​​of stone rubies, sapphires, and pearls. They are very shiny. And in the city, millions of millions of times a voice praising God. I fell down from the outside of this hearing. I heard a sound that mengguncangkan heaven and the voice behind this, there are millions of praise to God saying, " Holy, Holy, Holy Lord and Father in Him all the glory and honor forever Amen ! "This powerful voice saying" Long live HOLY , BECAUSE I AM HOLY. THE ONLY LIFE COULD ENTER THE HOLY OF THIS PLACE! WITHOUT holiness, no one CAN SEE GOD. "Without holiness, no man can see God.

The voice said, " Come in , "and I entered the city. I saw a throne with fire and fire out of the throne, I see it and I see Jesus, the King of kings, and Lord of Lords. I fell down to the ground and I had no strength. Hands out of the fire and touched me and He said, " Get up! "I got the strength and standing. I then touched His feet, hands and body. When I see His face, His face is not as artists on the earth reflect His face! Many people make gods of wood and other pictures. But I want to tell you that Jesus did not like the depictions. She is very strong and mighty! He is not the God that is not no big deal. He is Able! He said, " I am not God made ​​of chalk or wood. I am the living God! "He then continued," the news of the church on earth that I have!! I really live and there!! Tell my people that Heaven is real and I look forward to them! "

Then the Lord said to me, " Come, walk with me and I'll show you something extraordinary . "We looked down and we step on the floor, we could see the planet earth and all that is done on earth. God said, " I can see the church did everything! "God knows everything that we do, and I can see many of His people in Heaven. God said to me, " Look My church ! "and I see my brother fight against the church and the church. God said, " My church have lost their faith, they would not believe me, evil has multiplied in the earth, and people do not want to believe that I have. Tell my people that I will do something unusual on earth! Church turned away from me and not even grow. "God began to cry for His church and He said," The church is not a church ! "I said," Lord, do not said the like of it! Of course we are gerejaMu . "Then God said," No. My church runs with power and miracles! Church has dropped! However, to say to them, I will put them back ! "

God told me to keep going along with Him, and you pass through a gate and the road was lined with gold. I began to run along the streets of gold and gold dust and scatters take over my body. Then the Lord said to run at him, and told us all that a lot of streets of gold in heaven. All this is to belong to my people , "says the Lord" But, at the church, a great many thieves who steal tithes and offerings.! Tell my people that no thief can enter the kingdom of heaven . "We must straighten our lives to God. Then we look at a very long table for millions of people with a lot of food and fruits. There are also many crowns and crystal bowl to drink. God said, " Ricardo, all this has been set up for my people! "This table has been prepared for the wedding Lamb . "

I also see that there was a woman who had brought to heaven and saw angels busy preparing the wedding feast! I said to God, " Why is this woman saw angels busy preparing the meal but I do not see the preparations being done ? "God said," That's because preparation is already done! "There's many a crown for those who work and obedience to God. I said, " Lord, when the Lord will come back, if the preparation is already done? How much longer will God come from? Show me an hour, how much longer waste time by hour of heaven? "Many people have been getting dreams about hour, shows nearly 12 hours the night when God should come back. I asked, " Lord, when hours will be reached 12 hours a night? Is living one minute? 5 minutes? "God observe my face for a while and then he said," Ricardo, in heaven there are no more hours . "Then I asked," Then God, if his hours are not there yet, why God did not come back the time? "The Lord lift up his hands and using your thumb and forefinger, he shows very little sign saying," Waste of time there is only the Father of mercy to those who have turned away and gave them the opportunity to repent and return the first job. "And God the creator of all beings not return because He gave us all a very short time to repent and this time said," when the favor of God. " God will come at any time, we should begin seek Him with all their hearts and fast and pray and do the job first. I'm almost finished. Jesus said, " Now we are in the grace of the Father! "

Then an angel appeared to the right of us and exclaimed " The time has come!! Time is finished. Each preparation is already done! Jesus is receiving bride women! "God is coming and all the signs are in genapi Word! Film-Film is showing the next natural disaster. Ilmuawan-ilmuawan know that a major natural disaster will happen but they do not know that's what! However, we as His church know that the Lord will come the second time! When the angel finished shouting, then the millions of angels started jumping and having ambitions that female bride (His church) eventually returned to heaven. I keep asking, " What are pass by? "but no one noticed me, they all are indeed having ambitions with good news. So, I then go along with the angels and began to raise the name of Jesus. While, when I lift my hands, I felt someone lift me from heaven and on earth moving with very high speed.

Now, the angels rejoice bride ideals that women are returning to heaven. I went back to the ground and placed on the chancel, which I pray every day. Very short time! If readers do not believe me, do not believe it. But Jesus is coming and it is eternity. God's people do not want to believe in the rapture of believers. Please realize, by the favor of God, sadarlah the truth!! (Ricardo is crying)

God is with me and He said, " Ricardo, this is going to happen if people believed adoption happen now! "I could see the whole earth. I see that the Holy Spirit is so beautiful and valuable. The Holy Spirit gives us peace and joy. Then, the Holy Spirit leave the earth. I then saw the smoke into the church and around me and I said to the Lord, " What is this? "He said," This is what I mean rapture of believers . "Then I see people breaking the church door, wanting to come in, and shouted , " Where is my son? They all have to go! "Many of the children had to go because God did not leave the first mereka.Orang into the church is led chorus, shouting," Where is the church people! I'm on live! I remain on earth! I remain on earth! "Having led the choir, I saw ministers, churches, and church elders are all crying," I'm staying! "Many older people and couples who are looking for the people they love and the people in the church shouting, " The people you love are not here! God leads them . "Then those people crying," If so, it's all true, God comes and takes bride women . "

Lots of people crying and wailing, hoping that they must have believed that Jesus is the Christ. Anyone who does not believe that Jesus is the Messiah, is gone! I see a lot of people and ministers cry and people began demanding ministers, " Why you do not teach the truth, why do not you teach holiness and warn us all about it? This is all our fault to leave!!! "Many people who are left behind because they do not live in holiness. We need to teach holiness and teach people to truly repent! I see people hitting the ministers and pulling their hair. The ministers cry and ask these people to not hurt them. Those people do not stop the hurt ministers because these people have in rasuki demon.

There are also churches throughout the church on left. I saw a man who sought to tear out his eyes because of his grief. The people working ram his head into the floor and the wall because they can not understand that Jesus is the only answer. Because people want to live in sin and wickedness and live according to their own requirements. People have also cut themselves and ram their heads until their skulls broken and they fell to the floor. I saw blood flowing ass of those who do injure themselves. Then I saw a young man cried out to God, " Please God, take me! "That's already too late. Jesus has come and receive His church. I fell down because I have seen a lot of the things that is very sad.

He told me, " In times of trouble, there would be many problems unprecedented. "I then asked," Why are so many people who do injure themselves so Worse? "the Lord answered," Because at that point, the people want to die, but did not find him. Death has left the earth . "I asked the Lord," Why do a lot of the ministers and the people left behind? "God said," Because I know them. I know their hearts . "Everything about open ourselves before God. God knows all of our hearts. I fell down, almost drowning.Jesus said, " I'm showing this to you so that you can warn church and give them hope. Tell them that if they repent now, I will forgive them for there is still time. I'll do great in the earth. "

Please, open your eyes. Evangelism in Chile country is growing. " to my people: and let them ask if forgiveness, I will forgive them . "Then I saw another sight and I saw the fire blanketed the sky. Jesus said, " You see that? Fire you see in the sky is the fire that covered the country Chile. Because Chile is a country of God, God will transform the country Chile! "I then saw a fire move and come to the Chile and he said," my father's eyes were fixed on Chile country . "When the fire down on chile, other countries will see and attention to the rise of God in Chile. God showed me the sight of a place called "Paseo Humada" and menjunjukkan to me the people who are paralyzed and disabled. Then I see believers pray to handicapped people without legs and limbs told to grow. The body will obey and grow before your eyes. People without hands will receive a new hand. In this time. God will show mukjizat2 creative. Inside the church, a lot of people will be cured. During this time, the dead raised up, and God wants to use you in Chile to perform the same miracles as the apostles did in the Bible.

That is the entire revelation that God has given to me (Ricardo Cid). He is coming soon. Maranatha! Amen!

If you have not accepted Jesus as Lord in your life, I invite you to pray as follows:

Lord Jesus, I believe You are the Son of God and You died for all my sins. Let's go into my heart, be Lord and Savior of my life and forgive all my sins. You have the power in every part of my life from this moment. Lord Jesus, fill me with the Holy your soul and I wear it for the glory of your name. I would like sustenance and love You with all my heart my whole life. Thank you Father, now I was your son. In the name of Jesus. Amen.

Once you pray on, read the Bible (Word of God), pray always, go to church to hear the Word of God and share with the brethren. Your life will never be the same again and you have a life full of peace and joy on earth and you will live forever with the Lord Jesus in heaven. Bless you.

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